Echo From The mountain

Michael De Jong -Echo From The Mountain1. Lazarus Rising
2. Faces In The Clouds
3. When We Were Young
4. Nature Of Things
5. Ghosts From The Past
6. Breathe (Padraig's Song)
7. An Irish Lullaby
8. Echo From The Mountain
9. Dance With The Stars
10.Dear Theo
11.Neutral Ground

"Each song is a real gem brought with great passion."
- country gazette

"Beautiful songs about love, live and welbeing,
brought with a raw voice and lots of conviction."
- aloha

"Shivers roll down your spine."
- Back to the roots

"The songs are beautiful. Comfort is a beautiful word."
- Heaven

"He is a great performer when he touches
you with just his guitar and his voice."
- kinda music

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